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Anonymous asked: your blog is so fucking amazing!


Anonymous asked: You're so beautiful, I just want to hug you and calm you down.

I am calm and i hate hugs

Anonymous asked: There will be more people to love and more time to heal. Take each day as it happens, don't think back think of now. Do whatever the heck you want, if that's being sad then that's ok you can be sad but if you don't want to be sad you don't have to be

I don’t think anybody  ”wants” to be sad but i get what your trying to say here

Anonymous asked: If I can get through my heart break, you can get through yours, we'll do it together. I still love him and I'll never stop loving him but I can move on. You never stop loving someone, they'll forever have that piece of your heart. But it gets better

I’m already over mine, atleast i think. 


Girl, Interrupted (1999)